The mastery of proven technique is a crucial first step toward selling success in the field of fire protection. Frequently, however, it is not until essential hands-on “doing” becomes part of the training experience does the student truly internalize the skills and techniques and deliver the desired results. In-The-Field-Success Coaching is the ultimate “doing” experience.

Bruce is anxious to get out into the sales field with your people to observe, guide and inspire your sales representative in actual selling situations. Based upon individual needs, sessions can be customized to sharpen skills in focused areas like:

  • Cold Calling
  • New Account Sales Presentations
  • Key Client PR Calls
  • Customer Cross Selling
  • New Fire Equipment Selling Skills
  • “Orientation 101” For New Reps
  • Telephone Techniques: Appointments / Follow-up

Territory geography permitting, high quality field coaching can be provided to one to four reps per day.

Management is provided a Skill Evaluation Report at the completion of the program detailing the selling strengths and weaknesses of each representative along with specific recommendations for improvement.

In-The-Field-Success Coaching fees are quoted on a per session basis.

Contact North American Fire Sales for further information and rates.