Why In-House Training?

  • IT IS PRIVATE. Since no competitors will be present your staff will be more comfortable to ask questions and participate. They will learn more.

  • YOUR TEAM WILL RECEIVE PERSONAL ATTENTION. Unable to deliver in a “public” session, in-house training allows for plenty of “up close and personal” attention between Bruce and your staff.

  • IT IS CUSTOMIZABLE. Just let us know what specific sales challenges your people are experiencing and Bruce will be happy to prepare accordingly and discuss possible solutions as part of your private session.

  • COST EFFECTIVE. Considering today’s high cost of travel, in-house training is frequently a much more cost effective option than “public” seminars.
“… this last session was the third time in the last eight years we have had you come to our facility to conduct the training… each time, every member of the staff gains a renewed enthusiasm for the “sales” part of their job resulting in more fire equipment sold and new business acquired”
Rob Ruch – Owner
Fire Chief Equipment
Bellevue, WA

How Does the In-House Training Work?

Five exciting seminars to choose from. Our classic sales training program is entitled Sell To Win!.  We offer a popular “combo” session featuring sales training in the morning and customer service techniques int he afternoon and call it Fire It Up!.  If selling service is your focus, Selling the Invisible: Fire Protection Service is an outstanding choice.  We also offer two powerful half day sessions.  Even Cowards Can Cold Call is designed to take the chill out of cold calling and prospecting for your team while the Fire Equipment Selling Boot Camp will get your team out there selling new fire equipment like never before.

You provide the meeting facility either off site or right there at your facility and North American Fire Sales will provide the rest… a full day of top notch training, motivation and fun, complete with a 20 page work/study guide for each participant.

Although either weekday or weekend training is available, Saturday is the most popular day to host a session as it is not necessary to keep your people “off the road” in order to attend. If a Saturday session is your preference, we recommend that you schedule well in advance.

There is no limit as to the number of participants that may attend so go ahead and invite your entire team!

“Bruce — business has been outstanding and we can easily give you the credit. Since you have been to our office we have set records in all months…”
Brian Stewart – Sales Manager
Abbot Fire & Safety
Colorado Springs, CO

How Do I Book a Seminar?

Just contact us and provide the following information:

  • Your first and second date choices.
  • The number of people who will be participating.
  • The location of the training.