Do not let the light hearted title of this seminar fool you, EVEN COWARDS CAN COLD CALL! serious training that teaches serious skills vital to the success of today’s fire protection sales and or service representative.

Growth in a fire protection service organization is crucial.   When service companies are not growing, at best they are stagnant, or worse, they’re losing business.    In time, of course this condition becomes fatal.

The exciting news is that fire protection organizations have an excellent resource for business growth right under their noses. Service technicians can be tremendously effective at generating new business IF motivated and properly trained to do so.  In this half day program, your team will learn field proven techniques from the best in the industry for prospecting and cold calling for new business.   Your team will learn:

  • The A + C + PMA = S formula for sales success.
  • Like baseball’s homerun heroes know… it is a Numbers Game!
  • The very best sources of the very best prospects
  • The “types” of accounts to avoid when prospecting
  • The CRUCIAL COMMITMENT in prospecting.
  • How service technicians may actually outsell the sales team!
  • Telephone Prospecting – a script that works.
  • Bruce’s proven face-to-face strategy for effective cold calling

As an option to the EVEN COWARDS CAN COLD CALL! seminar,  Bruce will look forward to spending additional time out in the sales field with your reps coaching, critiquing and cheering them to cold calling victory!