Ladies and gentlemen there is a war going on!  In the best of times, fire protection service people struggle to sell fire equipment profitably . . . in a challenged economy, the struggle becomes a real battle!    Are your troops winning or losing the battle?

Bruce Carter’s FIRE EQUIPMENT SALES BOOT CAMP! is a rigorous, high intensity, no nonsense  training maneuver that will provide your service reps with the sales skills, verbal ammunition and mental motivation they need to win the competitive new fire equipment sales war.

Phase One of the boot camp is a high-content half day class room training session that provides proven techniques and strategies for selling  extinguishers, fire hose, covers, cabinets, nozzles, exit and emergency lighting and other “ back of the truck” items.

Just some of the topics covered include:

  • Selling V-A-L-U- E . . . not low price!
  • The magic four word phrase that will earn you thousands of dollars MORE each month!
  • Dealing with “. . . the fire inspector was just in and he did not tell us that we needed it . . .”
  • Wimpy, non-selling words that must be avoided.
  • Selling CLEAN AGENT extinguishers like crazy!
  • The psychology of successful fire equipment sales.

In Phase Two, just as soon as the classroom training is completed, Sergeant Carter will jump on the trucks and get out there in the sales trenches with your troops to make sure they successfully implement the selling skills they just learned . . . he will cheer them on to sales victory!