Born sales people – we all know at least one or two – those unique individuals who have that certain something that allows them to be so persuasive and seemingly impossible to turn down.

The truth of the matter is that there are no born sales people just as there are no born doctors, born writers or born teachers.    Selling is a specific  skill which must be must be learned, practiced and perfected to ensure success. SELL TO WIN! is the fire protection industry’s premier training program that delivers the skills vital for selling success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Techniques applicable to the sale of tangible fire equipment as well as a proven strategy for getting prospects involved with intangibles like service, are presented in a format that is fun, motivational and gets results!    Some topics include:

  • Characteristics Of Today’s Top Producers
  • You Can’t Hit A Goal You Don’t Have!
  • The Professional Sales Presentation
  • Hot Tips For Cold Calling
  • The Winner’s Attitude
  • Handling Customer Objections
  • Closing Techniques That Work!
  • Action Steps For Top Performance

For an in-house training program that is packed with practical content and is delivered with pizzazz that will have a positive, profitable and lasting effect on your entire team . . . SELL TO WIN! gets results !