Selling the Invisible: Fire Protection Services

You can’t touch it, smell it, taste it or take it for quick test drive around the block. Service, it is that illusive entity that can be oh-so difficult to sell for even the most seasoned of sales vets. Selling The Invisible: Fire Protection Service provides participants a step-by-step formula proven to work and work well in the highly competitive fire protection sales arena. In the morning portion of the program students learn:

  • The Socratic Method of Sales Persuasion
  • The Art of Leading With Questions
  • Presentation Skills 101
  • The Value of Sales Scripts
  • Objections and How to Handle Them.
  • “Foul Words” In The World of Selling
  • It is NOT About Price… Its About VALUE

… and so much more!

But the learning does not end in the classroom. Selling The Invisible: Fire Protection Service takes the training from the classroom to the sales field as Bruce accompanies reps on actual pre-set sales calls putting into practice the exciting skills just learned!

Let fire protections premier sales trainer give your people the ammunition they need to win the battle with competition in the war for service market share.  Invest in Selling The Invisible: Fire Protection Service for your sales team today!