Audiences agree, Bruce Carter is a spirited and gifted speaker.

Boasting a rich, 30 year background of industry experience including technical service, record-setting sales, sales management and customer relations, Carter speaks as one who truly has “been there”. Whether the topic relates to fire extinguishers, suppression systems, fire alarms or security, Bruce promises to roll up his sleeves and speak your audience’s language.

As a past member of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, Bruce was mentored by the world’s premier motivator himself, Zig Ziglar.   With a style that is uniquely his own, Bruce brings a rich blend of business savvy coupled with a presentation pizzas to the speaking platform that has had a profound impact the lives of audiences across North America for nearly two decades.

Delivering a message that is rock solid and gets results, Carter’s presentations provide real world solutions.     With a unique style that sparkles, Bruce’s energy can be described as nothing short of contagious.    His programs are motivational, inspirational and are sure to have a positive and lasting impact on your audience!

Programs are available in 60 to 90 minute keynote, general session or breakout session programs.   Titles include:

  • Timid Sales People Have Skinny Kids
  • Your ATTITUDE Determines Your Altitude.
  • Selling  VALUE . . . Not Low Price
  • Customers for Life
  • Selling the Invisible: Fire Protection Service

Timid Sales People Have Skinny Kids!

Face it, the mental picture formed in most people’s minds when the words sales person or selling are mentioned is not a good one. In an effort to disassociate with this negative stigma, many  sales people tend to water-down their selling approach and dilute their effectiveness in the process.     In this session, an approach is provided for sales success that is neither “pushy” or sales-like  but will leave customers glad they got involved with your products and services!

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!

According to studies conducted at Harvard University, 15% of our success on the job is determined by the skills we have and use on the job while a full 85% of our success is determined by our ATTITUDE on the job! In this entertaining and inspirational session, ATTITUDE is thoroughly examined. Manifestations of a poor attitude are discussed and a specific strategy for developing a winning one is provided!


Low price, low price, low price . . . is that all that motivates prospects to part with their money these days?   In these tough economic times the answer would seem to be, yes!

The truth of the matter is that prospective customers, when faced with a buying decision, have got their invisible set of “scales” out to weigh the potential benefits of buying versus the amount of money they are being asked to spend on the product or service.   Unless we as sellers can demonstrate that the benefits out-weigh the financial expenditure in the buyer’s mind, the result will be NO SALE.  This exciting program teaches a proven selling strategy for adding weight to the “benefit” side of the scale in the prospect’s mind while downplaying the importance of  price.   SELLING VALUE is  top rated presentation among sales reps!


A look at the characteristics and qualities of the most highly skilled and  top producing sales and service people.     The crucial importance of APPEARANCE; GOALS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, HONESTY, A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and other critical attributes are highlighted in this inspirational program.   OPERATION: TOP GUN! motivates managers and front line sales / service technicians alike to do and be their very best every day!


The most valuable asset to most businesses is its people. Certainly ranking a close second are its CUSTOMERS. Without customers it is inevitable that business withers on the vine…

In this fast paced program we will identify the characteristics and qualities of today’s most effective customer service providers and learn precisely how they go about wowing their clients with a lifetime of unsurpassed service.    CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE will inspire your audience to give a 110% effort with each customer they serve.


No, you cannot see it, touch it, smell it or take it for a spin around the block.   Service is one of those invisible intangibles that many have a challenge in selling.

In this program we will examine a step-by-step formula for leading customers to buy this most illusive of entities: service.    Designed exclusively for the fire protection industry sales professional BY a fire protection industry professional,  SELLING THE INVISIBLE provides a proven step-by-step formula for leading prospective buyers to making a decision that is right for them – which, of course, is their involvement in your quality services!

“We have used Bruce Carter many times over the last 15 years to train and encourage not only our new employees, but also our seasoned veterans. My technicians continually tell me about the invaluable tools they have acquired from Bruce’s training… we see the results in our sales numbers.”
Steve White – President
White Fire Extinguisher, Inc.
Mercer, PA

Member National Speakers Association